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Providing Psychology, Positive Behaviour Support & Social Work services

Dedicated to fostering a warm and secure therapeutic environment throughout wider Brisbane and in our East Brisbane clinic.

Hively provides both private therapy and assessment and NDIS funded therapy and assessment for all ages. Our experienced team of clinicians strive to go above and beyond to provide quality support, with mobile, in-clinic and telehealth options.

Our experienced clinicians provide tailored therapeutic interventions to both young adults and adults, working with each individual to navigate the challenges they face.

Our Hively Bumblebees early childhood service provides specialised psychological intervention for all little Bumblebees (children and teenagers ages 1 - 16 years).

Our Services

Our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified psychologists and social workers provide tailored intervention and support in line with needs and goals.


Our team of psychologists provide an empathetic and supportive environment to therapy and assessment. We provide mobile, in-clinic and telehealth support for all ages and disability, both private and NDIS.

Social Work

We are experienced and accredited Social Workers, assisting people with disability to maintain and enhance quality of life and complex decision making. 

Positive Behaviour Support

PBS is a comprehensive approach to assessment, planning and intervention that focuses on addressing a person’s needs, home environment and overall quality of life.

Why Hively?

Hively is a busy place full of life, where you are supported to grow and thrive. Hively represents our commitment to provide a safe place for psychology, social work and positive behaviour support.

Support to grow and live the life you choose.

Our highly experienced psychologists provide both telehealth and in-home therapy and assessments for all ages, tailoring support to individual requirements. 

Our qualified clinicians provide holistic support to address individual needs, home environment and to improve quality of life for children and adults living with disability.

Providing support, counselling, NDIS assistance, and advocacy to individuals and families with disabilities and social disadvantage.

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Servicing the greater
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NDIS Services

Experienced clinicians committed to providing support to improve lives.

Psychology Clinic

Boutique private psychology practice in a warm and welcoming environment.