Social Work

Our dedicated team of social workers are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. 

Our social workers are NDIS registered and work with individuals to ensure services are available to those who need them. 

This includes families and individuals to cope with challenges such as homelessness, poverty, addiction, family and domestic violence, offending behaviours, mental health concerns and relationship problems.

We work with a number of schools, hospitals and government agencies to ensure services are available for those who need them.

We provide a caring and empathetic approach to support individuals navigating complex challenges and major life changes.

How our social workers can help:

Support those with disability

Neurological, physical, intellectual, cognitive and psychosocial

Support to navigate systems

Support for NDIS participants who may need extra support to access services or resolve conflicts, including schools, hospitals and government agencies

Support with major life changes

Support to navigate these changes and ensure a supportive and access to services

Housing support

Support for NDIS and government services, including accommodation and tenancy support


Conduct assessments, develop reports and referral to service providers

Advocacy to remove barriers

Support to ensure equal access to education, employment, healthcare and other basic human rights

Personal and family counselling services

Providing direct tailored therapy programs, including where there may be offending behaviours, mental health and relationships problems

Complex problem solving for individuals and families

Support for those at risk of harm, facing challenges such as poverty, addiction, family and domestic violence and child welfare

Employment Support

Additional support for NDIS participants to access training and employment opportunities 

Servicing Wider Brisbane.

Telehealth available.