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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a proven approach that promotes positive outcomes for individuals with challenging behaviours.

With a comprehensive, person-centered approach to assessment, planning and intervention, Positive Behaviour Support aims to understand and address the underlying causes of challenging behaviours. This includes working with the individual person, family, therapists, support workers, school and others involved in supporting the person.

The most important outcome in positive support is an improvement in a person’s quality of life. We come to you in your home or via telehealth to provide this support.

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How does it work?

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) works to reduce or eliminate difficult behaviours of concern by working with person and the extended support team. Behaviours of concern are actions that might not be safe for the person or other people. For example, hitting themselves or others, or breaking things. Using evidence-based strategies, we can emphasise proactive measures such as learning appropriate social skills, modifying the person’s environment, and providing sensory supports. 

With its focus on understanding and addressing the root causes of behaviours of concern, Positive Behaviour Support offers a compassionate approach to enhancing the lives of individuals with behavioural difficulties. It provides strategies and tools to foster a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes positive behaviours, empowers individuals, and enables them to thrive.

PBS is provided both face to face and behind the scenes, within the stated hours in an individual’s NDIS plan, and must be undertaken by a NDIS-registeres Practitioner and provider.

Our Approach

Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners at Hively Health work closely with the individual person, family/carers and wider support team to: 

Understand concerning behaviours in a supportive environment

Develop a behaviour support plan which focuses on assisting the individual person, meets individual needs and changes things for the better.

Put the behaviour support plan into action – teaching the person and those who support them new skills and how to do things differently, including steps to keep the person and other people safe

Work with the support team to provide ongoing support to check things are getting better over time and adjust the plan as required

Our practitioners come to you at home to discuss and understand concerns, and to develop a behaviour support plan.

This includes a Functional Behavioural Assessment to inform support needs and strategies. Our practitioners may also meet with other therapists and stakeholders, where appropriate and consent has been provided. By conducting a thorough analysis of the person’s triggers, behaviours, and consequences associated with the challenging behaviour, we can identify the function or purpose of the behaviour, and appropriate interventions can be developed.

We can also assist where a person would benefit from behaviour support that is not currently funded in their NDIS plan. This involves a comprehensive evaluation as part of a Functional Behavioural Assessment and Recommendations Report. This can be funded out of Capacity Building in an individual NDIS plan.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is funded when a person demonstrates behaviours of concern that may be challenging in their own environment.

For example – the behaviour might challenge those around them.

PBS funding is:
  • Under NDIS – Capacity Building – Support Category of Improved Relationships
  • For a stated number of hours for each stated Support Item
    • Specialised Behavioural Intervention Support
    • Behaviour Management Plan Including Training in Behaviour Management Strategies
  • Not flexible, meaning the funds cannot be used for any other therapy or support outside of the stated Support Item
  • Only available for NDIS registered PBS providers

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